Compatibility of management objectives on public lands with beekeeping

  • 82 pages

  • Published: 26 Mar 2015

  • Author(s): Salvin, S

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Public lands are a potentially valuable resource for beekeepers, with approximately 63% of Australia’s land mass (484,067,824 hectares) classed as public land. This report identifies the scale of that resource as well as the different legislative instruments that have determined the types of public land tenure in each State and Territory. It also demonstrates the complexity in the classifications of public land tenure when considered on an inter-state basis.

This report identifies the requirements that apiarists must comply with when seeking access to public lands, including registration, permit and/or licensing requirements. The restrictions and criteria for the interstate movement of hives and equipment on public lands are also outlined for each State/Territory.

This report also evaluates the compatibility of public land management objectives with access by managed European honeybees for each State and Territory.