Controlling Pythium in Ginger – Phase 2

  • 26 pages

  • Published: 12 Dec 2013

  • Author(s): Abbas, Rob , Smith, Mike

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The fungal disease Pythium Soft Rot is regarded by the ginger industry as their most serious disease threat. This project was developed to further investigate the factors contributing to the persistence and spread of Pythium Soft Rot on ginger farms and to identify measures for their control.
The study demonstrated that the pathogen capable of causing Pythium Soft Rot in ginger was spread in contaminated ‘seed’, soil and water and that it can be managed through a combination of strategies that rely on early detection, reducing pathogen levels in soils, preventing water logging and restricting movement of contaminated ‘seed’, soil and water. However, in order to have an effective level of control, all strategies need to be integrated in an effective manner.