Cutflower production of golden cascade

  • 24 pages

  • Published: 1 Nov 2001

  • Author(s): Seaton, K.A., Dr

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Research in this project has shown the positive benefit of surveying natural populations of a little known but valuable Western Australian wildflower species. This has yielded information not only about the population dynamics of Corynanthera flava but also provided a basis for making informed judgements on the conservation of this species. Collection of selections and propagation of this species has also helped to conserve the genome and increased the value of the product. New techniques of propagation and irrigation have been investigated for bringing this flower into cultivation. These have a direct relevance to the production of Corynanthera flava and also for the development of other valuable but difficult to manage wildflowers.

The project has worked on a complete package; including selection, propagation, field production systems and post harvest handling methods. There is considered sufficient information for development of a cut flower industry using both cultivated and bush managed stands of Corynanthera flava and therefore the objective of the project has largely been achieved.