Economic Evaluation of Investment in the Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D Program

  • 50 pages

  • Published: 9 Feb 2015

  • Author(s): Research, Agtrans

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Wildflowers are produced in a number of locations around Australia, with significant growing areas in Western Australia, south-east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It is a relatively small industry, with an estimated 500 growers, and total industry value of $30 million (RIRDC, 2013). The industry is diverse, with a mix of small and large scale operations. There is a strong export focus; 50-80% of product is exported, primarily to markets in East Asia, Europe and the USA (RIRDC, 2008a). Conversely, Australian wildflowers represent only a small portion of the domestic cut flower market, within approximately 10-15% of market share (Gollnow et al, 2013).

This report covers the economic analysis of 16 recently completed projects within RIRDC’s Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D Program.