Deer Antler – Velvet Research in Australia and Overseas

  • 27 pages

  • Published: 1 Oct 2000

  • Author(s): Walker, D, White, D, Roubin, R

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The First International Symposium on Antler Science and Product Technology was held in
Canada between 9 and 12 April 2000. The Eighth World Congress on Clinical Nutrition was held
in Thailand between 17 and 20 December 2000.
The Corporation supported two representatives from Australia to the Antler Science Symposium
and one representative to the Clinical Nutrition Congress and their reports are enclosed.
The Antler Science Symposium provided participants with detailed information sessions
including: Antler Biology and Growth Factors, Antler Removal, and Antler Chemistry and
The Symposium clearly showed the significant research on deer antler that continues to be
undertaken around the world, including Australia, and provided strong support to the growing
acceptance that deer antler cartilage is a substance with significant future medical application
Besides the traditional uses, deer antler is already used as an additive for many commercial foods.
Animal welfare papers clearly demonstrated why electronic analgesia is not considered a suitable
alternative to chemical analgesia for velvet removal.
Australian research presented at the Clinical Nutrition Congress in Thailand demonstrated that
during the research, patients consuming velvet antler capsules showed no side effects to the velvet
antler but did provide symptomatic relief in Osteoarthritis disease by positive changes within
affected joints rather than by simply providing analgesia.