Economic developments in the agrifood sectors of Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea: background working papers

  • 368 pages

  • Published: 1 Sep 1998

  • Author(s): Trewin, Ray, Dr

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The publication is structured into two volumes and four parts. The first three parts cover the individual country papers for Indonesia (volume one), Malaysia and South Korea respectively, and the fourth part contains cross-country reports. Within the country parts, there are reports written by the local research groups, in conjunction with the ANU, on economic developments in the agrifood sectors up to the crisis and then following the onset of the crisis, and by the Meyers Strategy Group on the food retailing and services markets. The across-country section contains a paper comparing and reviewing the literature on economic developments in the Indonesian and Malaysian agrifood sectors, plus an overview paper of the three country reports. A bibliography of references drawn on in the background papers completes the publication.