Evaluation of cooperative models for carbon pooling through behavioural economics

  • Published: 1 Sep 2023

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-406-6

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This exploratory study provides insights into the attraction of collaborative models for carbon farming and the pooling of carbon credits in Australia. The project team investigated the behaviours and attitudes of farmers towards carbon credit co-operatives, to identify the potential for carbon-based co-operatives. While focused on the Southern Queensland region, this research provides insights into farmer attitudes to carbon marketing that can be explored across Australia. Most farmer survey respondents not engaged in carbon markets were interested in training outsourced to a carbon agent.

The project developed two tools – a behavioural diagnosis map and a business process design map. These tools help farmers identify the optimal co-operative marketing path to instruct them on how they might enter the carbon market and create carbon trading collaborations. The opportunity exists now to test these models beyond the Southern Queensland region.