Fact sheet: Cyber security basics for third-party management

  • 2 pages

  • Published: 2 Jul 2021

  • Author(s): John Borchi, Melanie Woodcock, Mitchell Redshaw, Bhavik Raniga

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As agricultural industries’ reliance on technology, data and information sharing grows, so does the likelihood of potentially devastating cyber attacks. Failure to manage risks posed by third-party providers can result in potentially harmful consequences.

With the increased adoption of technology in agriculture, cyber security is more important than ever. Outsourcing its management can be a cost-effective way to keep up to date with ever-evolving IT infrastructure, and a dedicated specialist on hand can detect and respond to any issues that may arise.

However, deciding to outsource cyber security management comes with increased risk of exposure to cyber threats. Knowing what to look for and how to choose a reliable service provider will help minimise the impacts on your business in the event of a cyber attack.

This fact sheet is one of two that support the report Cyber security threats – are we prepared? A threat-based assessment of the cyber resilience of the Australian agricultural sector. It provides stakeholders in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors with information about what to consider when sourcing a third-party provider to manage cyber security.