Final Report Summary: Surveillance and pathotyping in Australian IBDV

  • 4 pages

  • Published: 14 Feb 2020

  • Author(s): Sandra Sprats

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Although both classical and variant strains of IBDV exist in Australia, they are genetically unique compared to IBDV strains isolated in other countries. For many years, classical strains predominated in NSW, WA and QLD, while variants dominated in SA and VIC. Tasmania was one of the few states to be considered free of IBDV.

This research sought to:
* Monitor genetic changes occurring in circulating IBDV field strains
* Examine the pathology of selected field isolates displaying unusal amino acid changes in SPF flocks
* Complete a feasibility study to determine whether Luminex x TAG technology can be used to detect and differentiate IBDC strains.