Food security and health in rural and remote Australia – Project Summary

  • Published: 17 Oct 2016

  • Author(s): Alliance, National Rural Health, Brooke, Fiona

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Food Security occurs when people have access to enough affordable healthy, nutritious food to be well and active. In Australia, we produce over 90 per cent of our fresh produce including fruit, vegetables, milk, meat and eggs. Despite  this, there are groups of people who are food insecure. The research paper Food Security and Health in Rural and Remote Australia explores the issue of food insecurity, its incidence and implications for health and wellbeing in rural and remote Australia. It examines the range of Commonwealth, state and territory policies to address food insecurity, the contribution made by the non-government sector, along with lessons from the international literature. The paper pays attention to the impact of food insecurity on health, particularly in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The findings provide an evidence base to inform public debate, research plans and policy directions.