Foodservice Attitudes towards Kangaroo Meat

  • 41 pages

  • Published: 28 Aug 2009

  • Author(s): Ellis, Mark

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The meat industry is one of the largest in Australia. Key competitors include beef, lamb, pork and game meats. Kangaroo meat is a healthy, nutritional, cost effective and healthy substitute for other red meats. Being a quality meat with a high profit margin for foodservice operators, Kangaroo meat has lot of growth potential as an industry.
Currently, kangaroo meat marketing is suffering from lack of information to make the best Return in Investment decisions to market to the foodservice sector. The foodservice industry is the key driver of total consumption, however kangaroo holds less than 1% of the total sales in foodservice. Both customers and chefs need to be better informed about kangaroo meat in order to increase the usage of Kangaroo meat in the foodservice sector.