Project Overview: Understanding the demand for Australian tea tree oil

  • Published: 1 Mar 2021

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Australian Tea Tree Oil production has increased over recent years due to an expansion in planting areas. The AgriFutures’ breeding program, along with improved agronomic practices, has also resulted in increased yields. Global demand for Australian Tea Tree Oil has increased with up to 90 percent exported to more than 70 countries. But while supply is in balance with demand, producers can achieve strong commercial returns. As the industry seeks to grow, there is a need to maintain and sustainably increase demand for Australian Tea Tree Oil, ensuring its farm
gate value through a collaborative industry approach.

As prices increase and demand grows, new plantings in other regions of the world and the availability of cheap adulterated products could potentially impact on the commercial competitiveness of Australian grown Tea Tree Oil.
Critical to the industry maintaining its competitive advantage are traceability and quality assurance of the clean, green pure Australian product.

As part of the AgriFutures Tea Tree Oil Program, AgriFutures Australia is seeking to better understand current and future demand for Australian Tea Tree Oil and identify opportunities to sustainably increase its demand. Of particular interest are opportunities to grow demand across different sectors including cosmetics, home care and pharmaceuticals.