Genetically modified plants – farm and resource management issues

  • 131 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2001

  • Author(s): Hassall, Associates Pty Ltd

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RIRDC has engaged Hassall & Associates to produce a scoping paper which will underpin studies in the sector undertaken by RIRDC and other investors. The review document is one which will be useful to farm advisers and policy makers in industry and government, in order to understand the farm and resource management issues associated with growing genetically modified plants and marketing the products which arise from them. The study includes case studies in the USA and Australia that provide a basis for developing a comprehensive set of issues, as well as results from various surveys conducted with advisers and members of the supply chain.

The plethora of issues and concerns which were uncovered during the study have been simplified into four sets of conclusions, strategies and associated recommendations. They are:

? Farm and Production;
? Supply Chain;
? Regulation, Planning and Monitoring; and
? Risk.