Grevillea: Breeding and Development of Cut Flowers

  • 26 pages

  • Published: 19 Jul 2007

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The genus Grevillea, with more than 350 species, is one of the more prominent proteaceous components of the Australian flora. With an extensive range of growth habits and floral forms the genus has become popular for garden use throughout Australia. Some of the more upright species, with large inflorescences, have been seen to have potential for cut flower use, both locally and for the export market. However, a number of problems with the currently used hybrids, including short stems, limited vase life and premature perianth drop, have restricted their acceptance in the cut flower trade. This project is focussed on the development of improved forms for cut flower use. However, given the unpredictability of the output from a hybridisation program, any forms suitable for general garden use will also be assessed and released if of sufficient merit.