Hive Haven V10 OATH hybrid native stingless bee hive

  • 6 pages

  • Published: 4 Jun 2024

  • Author(s): Ann Ross

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This project delivered an Australian stingless native bee hive assembly, known as the Hive Haven V10, which efficiently and effectively produces a range of native bee products to support the commercial future of the Australian native stingless bee industry.

The V10 can be used in a range of climatic conditions to enable the ongoing harvest of food-grade native honey and propolis, while assisting in the pollination of food crops. The hive is manufactured in Australia from recycled-blend plastic and contains a 70 mm hollow insulation cavity that can be filled with different insulation to alleviate hive overheating.

The hive provides both agricultural and horticultural industries with a durable, robust home for native bees that won’t rot, require painting or overheat.