How Much Canola Pollen is in Canola Honey

  • Published: 1 Dec 2004

  • Author(s): Hornitzky, M.

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Genetically modified (GM) varieties of canola (Brassica napus) have been developed and introduced into various countries including Australia although GM canola has not been released commercially in Australia. Beekeepers commonly place bees on these crops for pollination purposes and often produce honey in the process. Honey which contains more than 1% of a genetically modified component must be labelled as being genetically modified. This may have an impact on domestic sales and also influence the export potential of honey from this crop. It is important to determine the relative content of pollen to honey by weight to clarify the status of GM canola honey. Collaborative marketing groups have the potential to be an effective alternative to other marketing arrangements. This publication considers some of the features of group marketing together with general features of membership groups and how they influence the effectiveness of collaborative marketing groups. It analyses data from case studies and surveys collected from representatives of 13 primary industry groups and other industry representatives in Western Australia. 2004, 10pp, Pub No W04/189