Hydroponics – as an agricultural production system

  • 82 pages

  • Published: 1 Nov 2001

  • Author(s): Hassall, Associates Pty Ltd

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The purpose of this study was to increase the understanding of hydroponics role as an alternative to conventional soil based agricultural production systems.

Hydroponics is the production of crops in isolation from the soil, either with or without a medium, with their total water and nutrient requirements supplied by the system. Production takes place either in a greenhouse or outdoors and systems can recirculate or allow nutrients to ‘run-to-waste’.

Hydroponics has emerged as a commercial alternative to soil based production. Significant crops include ‘fancy’ lettuce, cut flowers such as roses, gerberas, carnations and lisianthus, tomatoes and cucumbers. Industry farm gate value is thought to be in the order of $300-$400 million per annum.