Improved tenderness of alpaca carcases using combined processing techniques

  • 58 pages

  • Published: 5 Sep 2019

  • Author(s): Tamara Biffin, Dr Melanie Smith, Dr Russell Bush, Dr David Hopkins

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-041-9

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Rapid growth within the Australian alpaca industry has increased interest in alpaca meat as a viable alternative to traditional fibre production. The benefits arising from sustainable growth in the demand for meat include increased financial returns and genetic gains on farm with the sale of otherwise unprofitable animals. Through investment into research based guidelines for optimal management throughout the supply chain, alpaca meat eating quality and consistency can be maximized. High quality and consistent product aids in establishing rapport with consumers, the implications of which are beneficial to the industry as a whole.

This report aims to address key knowledge gaps in the areas of seasonality, transport and lairage stress and combined processing treatment effects on alpaca meat quality. It provides both producers and processors are provided with research based recommendations that aid in maximising alpaca meat eating quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain.