Market Assessment – New and Emerging Animal Industries. Tranche 1: Mohair, Alpaca and Camel Milk

  • 41 pages

  • Published: 31 May 2017

  • Author(s): Clarke, Michael

  • ISBN: 978-1-74254-929-3

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This research shows market opportunity for new, emerging and maturing animal industries – Mohair, Alpaca and Camel Milk.

Farm gate returns from angora goats are currently comparable to some sheep enterprises and there is a profitable market for between 300 and 400 tonnes of Australian-grown mohair. Current production is a modest 130 tonnes.

Alpaca fibre production has increased from 102 tonnes in 2006-07 to 242 tonnes in 2015-16 and meat production has emerged as a serious addition to commercial enterprises with 32 tonnes of alpaca meat were marketed to restaurants in 2015-16 and strong future growth is forecast.

Over the next five years, camel milk production will shift from a small-scale cottage industry into much larger scale production. 

Mohair, Alpaca and Camel Milk Project Summaries are available for download: 

Project Summary: Mohair Market Assessment 2016

Project Summary: Camel Milk Market Assessment 2016

Project Summary: Alpaca Market Assessment 2016