Natural Durability of Five Eucalypt Species Suitable for Low Rainfall Area: Sugar gum, spotted gum, red ironbark, yellow gum and swamp yate

  • 16 pages

  • Published: 23 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): McCarthy, Kevin, Cookson, Laurie

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The durability of wood, or the natural resistance it offers to biodeterioration, is an extremely variable property. Durability is based upon the resistance of the outer heartwood of mature timbers, and classification in the Australian Standard 5604-2003 is based on laboratory trials and field experience. Most analyses are based on old-growth timber harvested from native forest. This report reviews the uses, susceptibility to insects, and previous durability tests for five eucalypt species important for low rainfall regions. It will help builders, architects, researchers and growers have confidence in, and better understand the species they are working with.