New Hybrid Leucadendrons (SR 106)

  • 57 pages

  • Published: 1 Jul 2001

  • Author(s): Yan, Guijun, et al

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There are many outstanding species and varieties in the genus Leucadendron, which are important in Australian floriculture industry for its export market. Recent data shows that Leucadendrons are a major export group to Japan, comprising 12.8% of Australian imports, third after Waxflowers and Kangaroo Paws. The beautiful flowers of Leucadendrons and the muted green leaves, tinted with other soft shades, provide a perfect counterpoint as fillers in flower arrangement. However, lacking of new varieties has become a more and more obvious factor hindering the further development of the industry.

This project is intending to enhance the economic strength of the Australian floriculture industry by assuring the supply of new Leucadendron cultivars through interspecific hybridisation and, to facilitate this process, by understanding the reproductive biology underlying the breeding of this genus. The objective of this project is to extend the continuity of supply of Leucadendron as cut flowers and to capture a greater share of markets by extending the flowering period to fill in the niches.