Non-intentional Farm-Related Incidents in Australia 2022

  • 2 pages

  • Published: 31 Jan 2023

  • Author(s): AgHealth Australia

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AgHealth Australia has been leading research into deaths and injuries on farm since 2004, providing the most comprehensive evidence on which to build prevention approaches to enhance the safety and wellbeing of people in Australian agriculture. Australian print and online media monitoring provides an avenue to highlight the prevalence of farm injury in a timely manner. This report focuses on injury events that occurred from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

During the period 1 January 1 to 31 December 2022, a total of 55 on-farm deaths were reported. In the corresponding period for 2021, there were 46 cases.

For the recording period, tractors (n=11) and quads (n=8) were reported most frequently. Of the total number of cases (n=55), males were involved in 51 (93%).

An additional 158 non-fatal on-farm injury events were reported in the Australian media for the current reporting period. Twenty-eight (18%) involved children aged under 15 years. Quads (n=33) were the leading cause of injury, followed by horses (n=21), tractors (n=17), motorbikes (n=14) and side by sides (n=13). These five agents (n=98) accounted for more than 62% of all incidents reported. More than 87% of the incidents occurred in New South Wales and Queensland.