Nutritional Sufficiency of the National Food Production System: Situation and Outlook

  • Published: 24 Oct 2014

  • Author(s): Ridoutt, Brad

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For this project, food demand to 2050 was modelled based on population projections and dietary scenarios.

For most food groups, growth in demand is outpacing growth in local production, indicating the food system is on a trajectory toward reduced net exports and increased dependence on imports.

The situation and outlook differs for each food commodity.

A changing food system has wide ranging implications for regional development, trade and public health nutrition, as well as Australia’s role in the global food system.

Analysis of the basic drivers of food demand and supply should provide useful context for contemporary policy considerations in industry and government.

Taken alone, these results cannot be used to conclude that Australia is becoming more or less food secure. However, the key determinants of food security in Australia could shift over time.