NyPa Distichlis Cultivars: Rehabilitation of highly saline areas for Forage Turf and Grain

  • 39 pages

  • Published: 1 Dec 2002

  • Author(s): Leake, John, et al

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Australia is facing significant problems with dryland salinity. There have been plant collection activities in Australia seeking plant based solutions to this problem but they have met with little success. NyPa Australia formed a partnership with the Department of Agriculture of Western Australia and South Australia Agricultural Research and Development Institute to investigate the suitability of four patented cultivars of Distichlis imported from the United States. Elders Limited became a commercialisation partner.

Trials of the cultivars were completed in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. Environmental benefits, nutritive value for grazing, amenity value for turf and milling characteristics of the grain were assessed. Recommendations on the ecological range of the cultivars and the requirements for establishment are made.