Optimisation of Australian Oilseed Meals

  • 78 pages

  • Published: 15 Feb 2016

  • Author(s): Swick, Robert A., Wu, Shubiao

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This report is about examining the effect of heat damage during oilseed processing. The level and variability of nutrients in protein meals and the best assay methods to predict standardised ileal digestible amino acids (AA) and apparent metabolisable energy (AME) were investigated. The report covers results of growth studies with different canola meal (CM) samples.

The report is primarily targeted at poultry nutritionists and oilseed crushers. The aim is that the former would be able to incorporate higher levels of CM into their feeds and the latter would benefit by gaining an understanding of the importance of quality relative to demand and would consider taking steps to enhance the quality of their products.

Poultry nutritionists and oilseed crushers will benefit from this report aimed at examining nutrient and performance variation in various experimental and commercial CM samples.