Optimisation of lavender oil

  • Published: 3 May 2023

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-367-0

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Lavender (Lavendula spp.) is grown across Australia, with commercial production currently occurring in all six states. The domestic industry is characterised by mostly small producers and a small number of large commercial farms. Its gross value of production has not been re-evaluated in the past 12 years, however unmet domestic demand for lavender oil of at least 50 tonnes per annum suggests, based on 2021 French lavender oil prices, it could achieve a GVP of at least $10 million per annum for lavender oil alone.

With Australia being a net importer of lavender oil and given growing global demand for this product, there is an opportunity to develop the domestic industry. Against this backdrop, AgriFutures Australia commissioned this initial study, which has delivered three outcomes desired by industry: (1) an online platform where existing and new information on the lavender industry can be collated; (2) understanding of best agronomic practices for growing; and (3) certified analyses of oil extraction methods to measure oil content quality. It is important these best practices are disseminated to existing and potential growers.