Pollination Five-Year R&D Plan 2009-2014

  • 47 pages

  • Published: 10 Aug 2009

  • Author(s): RIRDC

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This Five Year Plan establishes the profile of investments that will comprise the RIRDC Pollination R&D Program, which will be administered as a sub-program of RIRDC’s existing Honeybee Program.

Honeybee pollination provides a critical underpinning to Australian horticulture and agriculture, with an estimated 65% of agricultural production involving pollination from honeybees. Honeybee populations around the world, including in Australia, are increasingly compromised by pests, diseases, insecticides and exclusion from vital floral resource areas. The R&D activities in this RIRDC Program are a response to these issues.

RIRDC’s Honeybee Program works closely with Pollination Australia, which is an alliance of members of the Australian honeybee industry and the nation’s pollination-dependent industries.

The vision of Pollination Australia is to support an economically sustainable pollination industry providing competitive pollination services for Australian agriculture.

Its purpose is to ensure Australia is able to maintain a competitive, environmentally-sustainable and resilient agriculture sector by addressing the opportunities and imminent risks confronting the beekeeping and pollination-dependent industries.