Producing quality lucerne hay: project summary

  • Published: 28 Sep 2012

  • Author(s): Lattimore, Mary-Anne, Kealey, Lucy

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This is a summary of the information contained in the RIRDC publication Producing Quality Lucerne Hay, publication no. 08/101.
Weather conditions, haymaking techniques and skills, and the time it takes to make the hay are among the most important of many factors that will influence final hay yield and quality.

Once the hay is cut, the highest possible feed value of the product is set. The aim of haymaking is to preserve the nutrients of the plant material and make the hay in such a way that it is safe for storage.

This project summary covers when to mow Lucerne, curing, conditioning, raking, windrowing, baling and storing lucerne hay. It also provides suggestions to prevent hayshed fires.