Published and Unpublished Tea Tree Oil Literature

  • 84 pages

  • Published: 1 Sep 2005

  • Author(s): Carson, CF, Hammer, KA, Riley, TV

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There are many scientific publications describing many aspects of tea tree oil, ranging from tree breeding, harvesting and oil distillation to its effectiveness in reducing inflammation, treating dandruff and cold sores. However, much of this scientific literature is not readily accessible for industry stakeholders. Similarly, no significant compilation and review of the data has occurred recently, meaning that areas of research that have been overlooked are not obvious. Finally, the compilation of available data into a standard tea tree oil Material Safety Data Sheet for use by all industry stakeholders would be of great benefit to the tea tree oil industry. This report includes a review of the available tea tree oil literature (including eco-toxicity), a tea tree oil literature database, and a Material Safety Data Sheet created for tea tree oil.