Quantifying fodder quality assessments using machine vision

  • 46 pages

  • Published: 29 Jul 2008

  • Author(s): Billingsley, John, Prof, Mark Dunn\nand\nMark Dunn

  • ISBN: 1-74151-743-5

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At present fodder is assessed subjectively. The evaluation depends greatly on someone’s opinion and there can be large variations in assessments. We seek to use machine vision in several ways, to provide measures of fodder quality that will be objective and independent of the assessor. Growers will be able to quote a quality measure that buyers can trust. We also seek the possibility of discerning colour differences that are beyond the capability of the human eye, while still using equipment that is of relatively modest cost.

The report is aimed at potential manufacturers and vendors of measuring equipment as well as at growers and traders of fodder. These can encourage development and marketing of a commercial system.