R&D for a More Productive Australian Rice Industry: Management Options for Straighthead in Rice

  • 31 pages

  • Published: 7 Apr 2010

  • Author(s): Subasinghe, Ranjith

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Straighthead or is a physiological disorder in rice resulting in distortion and missing grains on the panicle. It has been estimated that straighthead costs the rice industry over $1 million per year. Crop losses range from 10 – 30% in medium grain and as high as 90% in short and long grain rice. Straighthead occurs in almost all rice growing areas in NSW on a range of soil types.
This RIRDC project contributed to the development of a technique to evaluate new rice genotypes for straighthead tolerance under glasshouse conditions. This will substantially benefit the rice breeding program in pursuing high yielding rice varieties tolerant to straighthead.