Re-use potential of agri-industry wastes

  • 109 pages

  • Published: 1 Nov 2001

  • Author(s): Meehan, Barry, Maheswaran, Jay, Phung, Kim

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The principal aim of this investigation was to identify, characterise and establish whether these waste streams had potential for re-use. A number of waste streams with high reuse potential were identified and information on their volume and composition was collated. On the basis of this survey, a number of waste streams were selected for further investigation. Composting was found to be an effective method for the remediation of cut flower waste contaminated with a number of common pesticides. The resulting composted product was subsequently shown to be an effective bulking agent for potting mixes in ornamental flower production. In a further study, composting was investigated as a means of diverting large quantities of potato scrap and peelings from landfill disposal. The strategy adopted in both of these studies was to stream the particular waste into a domestic green-waste composting operation.