Reconciling Farming with Wildlife: Managing Biodiversity in the Riverina Rice Fields

  • 122 pages

  • Published: 7 Apr 2010

  • Author(s): Doody, J. Sean, Castellano, Christina M., Osborne, Will, Corey, Ben, Ross, Sarah

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Although the establishment of the Australian rice industry has led to an altered pastoral landscape, it has also resulted in the seasonal availability of extensive modified aquatic habitats in a previously drier landscape. Consequently, rice-farming areas are of considerable importance to a range of vertebrate fauna.
This RIRDC publication details findings from baseline monitoring of vertebrates on rice farms; a study of frogs as natural pest control for rice crops; and a study of how an iconic snake species utilises farms. The project concludes by integrating knowledge gained in these studies with that of other studies to formulate management strategies for rice farmers and other stakeholders in the region.