Research in Progress – Global Competitiveness 2007-2008

  • 36 pages

  • Published: 24 Nov 2008

  • Author(s): RIRDC

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RIRDC produces Research in Progress summaries of continuing projects and those completed during 2007–2008. Our intention is to:

• give stakeholders early access to the results of ongoing and completed work to inform their decisions, and
• inform researchers of results to shape research directions.

The complete report on all programs is on our website at

The Global Competitiveness program aims to identify the impediments to the development of a globally competitive Australian agricultural sector and supports research investments on options and strategies for removing these impediments.

The program currently has eight areas of focus which are:
1. New market opportunities for the food sector
2. Domestic impediments to industry performance
3. Trade policy reform
4. Markets for agricultural products
5. Supply chain linkages
6. Policy and institutional analysis
7. Communications

This report is an addition to RIRDC’s diverse range of over 1800 research publications, which are available for viewing, downloading or purchasing online through our website: