Research summary: Provenance of Australian food products – is there a place for Geographical Indications?

  • 12 pages

  • Published: 4 Aug 2015

  • Author(s): van Caenegem, William, Drahos, Peter, Cleary, Jen

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Geographical Indications of Origin (GIs) are a typically European form of IP protection for valuable provenance brands that to date has only been enshrined in Australian law in relation to wine. This report examines the potential advantages of legislation to allow the registration of food products other than wine. It especially canvasses the potential advantages of a food GI register from the perspective of regional economic development.  

The research is built around a comprehensive interview process which draws on the expertise of a range of industry and community participants to examine several ‘real life’ case studies in certain specific regions within Australia. The wine industry is assessed to discover how the notion of GIs has already been applied in Australia. 

The research shows that GIs have generated two effects that may bring regional benefits, namely a reciprocal spillover effect and an investment-in-quality effect. GIs also have the potential to improve consumer understanding of the origins of quality foods.