Stock and Station Agents as Information Providers

  • 51 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2000

  • Author(s): Martin, Chris

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This publication considers some of the features of stock and station agents and the levels of their interrelationships with broadacre farmers and producers in Australia. It analyses data from a national survey of stock and station agents and a national survey of broadacre farmers and producers. It identifies the type and mode of information given by agents to broadacre farmers and producers and highlights the use of agents by the premier research bodies in Australia for disseminating information.

The results suggest that broadacre farmers and producers seek information from a wide range of sources on planning, production and marketing issues. The results also suggest that stock and station agents are finding the changes in the agriculture sector quite challenging, but that there are also opportunities for agents in adopting new technologies, new marketing arrangements and new ways to disseminate information.