The Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) and Harvest Weed Control in Australian Grain Cropping Systems – fact sheet

  • Published: 29 Nov 2012

  • Author(s): Walsh, Michael

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Processing of chaff to a sufficient extent to destroy any weed seeds present during a harvest operation represents the ideal system for large scale Australian conservation cropping systems. Rendering weed seeds non-viable as they exit the harvester removes the need to collect, handle and/or burn large volumes of chaff and straw residues. Due to the importance and potential industry benefits of this process there has been substantial interest in the development of an effective system.
The Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD), developed by innovative WA farmer Ray Harrington with support from the GRDC, is attached to grain harvesters as a trailer-mounted system, incorporating a high capacity cage mill to process chaff residue sufficiently to destroy weed seeds.