The New Rural Industries – Financial Indicators Volume 2

  • 87 pages

  • Published: 1 Sep 2000

  • Author(s): Hassall, Associates Pty Ltd

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In March 1999, the Corporation released ‘The New Rural Industries Financial Indicators’. This report covered eight case studies and set out a methodology, which sought to address the question – does it make sense to get involved?

There is no one answer to that question – it depends on too many factors which are specific to the investor and the particular enterprise, farm and region. But, as a generality, the report did provide a useful framework for investors considering their options. It provided information on the cost profile and possible returns. Obviously the input-output mix was based on a host of assumptions but it was a start to the question – does it make sense to get involved?

Because of the demand for the earlier publication, the Corporation again commissioned Hassall and Associates to widen its coverage to other ‘new industries’. In this publication, eleven enterprise options are analysed and benchmarked against two other options – wine grapes and Treasury Bonds. The software package that you can use to help make site-specific analyses for an actual investment is located on our website at