The Use of Australian Honey in Moist Wound Management

  • 34 pages

  • Published: 1 Oct 2005

  • Author(s): Davis, Craig

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The use of honey as a therapeutic agent dates to ancient times. More recently, there has been growing interest in this ‘natural’ remedy, which has lead to legitimate scientific investigations. Research in New Zealand has shown that Manuka honey has very special healing properties. Two major sources have been shown to be responsible for the anti-microbial activity – hydrogen peroxide (from the bee) and uncharacterised chemical substances (from the floral source). Using honeys sourced from around Australia and screened against several reference microorganisms, the anti-microbial potency of one particular Australian honey was shown to be comparable to NZ Manuka honey. Initial chemical comparison also confirmed that the NZ Manuka and the “active” Australian honey are very similar. This project was undertaken to add value to the existing honey resource by developing products with therapeutic benefit (i.e. for the treatment and management of moist wounds such as burns and ulcers). The research undertaken in this project and extension of these results has promoted the use of honey for the treatment of bacterial infections associated with such injuries as burns and ulcers. (2005)