The Value-adding Potential of Prebiotic Components of Australian Honey

  • 43 pages

  • Published: 6 Jan 2010

  • Author(s): Conway, Patricia L., Stern, Rosie, Tran, Lai

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This RIRDC report provides data that demonstrate that some Australian honeys possess prebiotic properties, which means that they can promote the growth of beneficial microbes commonly found in the human intestine. Because it is known that maintenance of a healthy intestinal microflora can assist the immune system, as well as general bodily function, it can be suggested that consumption of honey has potential to promote overall human health and well-being.
At market level, these qualities and attributes are likely to maximise product value. On a broader scale, scientific demonstration that use of honey can produce dietary and general health benefits will support beekeeping and honey industries in general, as well as assisting overall maintenance of human health.