Trees for Shelter – a guide to using windbreaks on Australian farms (chapter 1)

  • 17 pages

  • Published: 1 Jun 2003

  • Author(s): Cleugh, Helen

  • ISBN: 0-642-58458-3

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Trees for shelter a guide to using windbreaks on Australian farms ,has been produced to help farmers, land managers and policy makers realise the potential environmental and economic gains of integrating windbreaks into farming systems. This draws on the National Windbreaks Program findings and subsequent research to explain:

how windbreaks work;
their effects on factors that might limit productivity ;and
how to design and maintain an effective windbreak system

Chapter 1 Why windbreaks? illustrates the potential for wind shelter to improve crop and animal productivity, especially in Australia. It maps out the structure of the book and how it should be used and concludes with a description of the National Windbreaks Program, whose results underpin much of the information presented.