Using Pyrethrum to Control Fruitspotting Bugs in Organic Fruit Production

  • 50 pages

  • Published: 8 Oct 2009

  • Author(s): Fay, HAC, Faveri, SG De, Bauer, R, Halfpapp, KH

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This RIRDC report details a series of laboratory and field trials which examined the efficacy and implications of using various combinations of pyrethrum and plant oils against fruitspotting bugs (Amblypelta spp.) in tropical and subtropical tree fruits.

Fruitspotting bugs attack at least 22 different tree fruits or nuts or vine fruits in the tropics and subtropics causing premature fruit or nut fall, severe scarring of fruits resulting in market rejection or damage to vegetative growth. Organic growers currently have no effective means to defend against fruitspotting bugs and, consequently, can lose more than 50% of a crop to them when bug populations are high.
There are no effective natural enemies that operate against these pests and no biopesticides have yet been developed for them.