Weed management in Australian rice: seasons 2008 – 2012

  • 64 pages

  • Published: 9 Feb 2015

  • Author(s): Taylor, Malcolm

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Australian rice production relies upon rapid direct seeding techniques that inevitably encourage simultaneous establishment of a suite of aquatic and terrestrial annual weeds. Effective herbicides are critical to ensuring weed free crops are established in order to reach their full yield potential and achieve maximum water use efficiency. In excess of 98% of the Australian crop is treated annually with herbicides to ensure freedom from weeds. Failure to control weeds can commonly result in complete crop failure

Development of herbicide resistance in rice has presented significant challenges to local rice production, resulting in major shifts in patterns of herbicide usage in the recent seasons.

In the 2008-12 seasons research was targeted at improving residual grass weed control in drill seeded rice crops and searching for alternative mode of action herbicides for sedge and broadleaf weed control in water seeded rice.