Why do Farmers make Non-profit Decisions? Investigating decisions made during drought

  • 130 pages

  • Published: 30 Jun 2010

  • Author(s): G. Kuehne, H. Bjornlund, A. Loch

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There is a widespread belief that farmers only consider profit motives when making decisions. The literature recognises that profit-maximisation is not the sole influence on farmers’ behaviour; however it does not explore the non-profit maximising influences on farmers’ behaviour in a consistent and coordinated fashion. More recent research has deliberately explored when and why farmers are motivated by more than sheer profit maximisation.
There is reason to believe that non-profit motives such as individual preferences and lifestyle, local resource recognition, culture and land attachment values can also be used to predict and explain farmer decision making behaviour. interact.

This research expands on previous work by identifying the values acting as non-profit-maximising decision drivers. Understanding these drivers provides the ability to better target farmers needing to implement change and better predict farmers’ responses to that change.