Wildflowers and Native Plants Five Year Plan 2008-2013

  • 34 pages

  • Published: 17 Jul 2008

  • Author(s): RIRDC

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RIRDC has supported the Wildflowers and Native Plants Program since it was established in 1990. Since 1995, the Program has invested over $15 million to support over 180 projects, with the RIRDC contribution amounting to $4.9M.

RIRDC is committed to the development of five year plans for each of its Research and Development Programs in keeping with the Corporation’s Five Year Corporate Plan, and the National and Rural Research Priorities.

The Plan aligns well with the Federal Government’s National Research Priorities and Rural Research Priorities and with RIRDC’s Corporate objectives.

This R&D Plan was developed through a national industry survey followed by a national one day workshop with key stakeholders and members of the RIRDC Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D Committee.

This R&D Plan is an addition to RIRDC’s diverse library of over 1800 publications and forms part of the Essential Oils and Plant Extracts Program that aims to provide the knowledge and skills base for industry to provide high, consistent and known qualities in their essential oils and plant extracts products that respond to market opportunities and enhance profitability.