Australian Coffee Growers’ Manual

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  • Project code: PRO-017729

  • Project stage: Current

  • Project start date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

  • Project completion date: Saturday, June 8, 2024

  • National Priority: NEI - New and Emerging Industries - M2


The Australian Subtropical Coffee Growers’ Manual was published in 2014 (RIRDC Pub. No. 14/029). The Manual provided vital information for new industry entrants and contained useful trouble-shooting information for existing growers.

This project will produce a Best Management Practice Manual for Australian grown coffee, expanding on the existing Australian Subtropical Growers’ Manual to include all existing and potential coffee growing regions of Australia. The applicant will:

  • Review and update the information in the 2014 Manual, drawing on the experience of the local coffee growing, harvesting and processing industry, and experts both locally and internationally. The update will:
  • review 2014 Manual to ensure ongoing relevance of information and practices and add new information as needed.
  • add a section in the Manual on Biosecurity – essential for maintaining Australia’s freedom from the major coffee diseases that occur in other coffee growing regions of the world
  • consider advances, developments, new methods and practices established over the past 10 years.
  • review and update related references, cited web sites and publications.
  • Take into account the Australian Coffee Strategic RD&E Plan published by AgriFutures in 2021.
  • include the consideration of the effects of climate change on the availability of land suitable for coffee growing.
  • Incorporate within the Manual environmentally sustainable outcomes and practices, as applicable, that enhance Australia’s ‘clean and green’ coffee production system.
  • The format of the 2014 Manual will be followed where appropriate – discrete stand-alone Sections appropriately numbered will allow regular updates to the Sections of the Manual going forward.



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