Block Chain Traceability for Tea Tree Oil part 2


  • Project code: PRJ-012315

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

  • Project completion date: Monday, June 1, 2020

  • National Priority: TTO-Increasing demand


One of the largest threats to the Australian tea tree industry is adulteration, a problem that has plagued the industry for several decades. The fraudulent dilution of 100% pure tea tree oil (TTO) with industrial waste allows competitors to severely undercut the market for 100% pure TTO. Historical evidence shows that between 50 – 70% of all TTO sold to consumers was adulterated; this has been mitigated through a decade long campaign of testing and education and it is now estimated that approximately 30% of TTO sold is adulterated.
To resolve this issue the Australian tea tree industry is seeking to gain better traceability along their supply chain, as export markets demand proven data sets to show the history and origins of 100% pure COP accredited Australian tea tree oil. This includes tracking products as they are grown on farm, processed, exported and eventually sold in various products to the end consumer.
We propose to continue with the contract entered into with Geora Pty Ltd to develop a solution to traceability using block chain protocols and appropriate digital records. This is a continuation of PRJ11952 which was approved to Stage 1 subject to endorsement by the ATTIA Board (completed and recorded as Resolution 190808. Please see
1) The original attached proposal from Geora and
2) The subsequent (post Stage 1) report titled “ATTIA_MVP Scope Document 6 Sept 2019”.


Tea Tree Oil

Research Organisation


Objective Summary

A Workshop was convened with industry participants to map the various stages of the tea tree oil supply chain to understand the most critical data capture points and technology requirements and to identify the scope of a MVP.
Stage 1 is complete so it is proposed that Geora be contracted to complete Stages 2 to 4.
After a presentation at the Industry Field Day by Geora in Casino on 17 Oct, where no objections were noted the ATTIA Board voted to approve a continuation of the Project as per the original Geora proposal, this includes:
Stage 2: Development: As part of the anticipated project scope this will include: 1) Integration into a mobile application designed for the tea tree supply chain 2) Integration with a digital wallet to visualise the tea tree asset and history 3) Standard smart contract which acts as a standard form digital record of tea tree oil assets and 4) Integration into up to two existing platforms or devices along the supply chain.
Stage 3: Implementation: liaising with various points of contact and assistance with software and hardware set up. At each phase we will analyse and test various outcomes so we can continue to optimise and improve the solution. At the end of implementation, we will provide a project report outlining any results.
Stage 4: Education and Training: to hand over as much knowledge as possible to test blockchain solutions along the supply chain including training of internal developers to continue managing and improving the systems.