Identifying revenue opportunities from value-add, export and niche markets

Colere Group PTY LTD

  • Project code: PRO-019142

  • Project stage: Current

  • Project start date: Monday, April 8, 2024

  • Project completion date: Sunday, June 16, 2024

  • National Priority: NRS - New Revenue Streams- M


Productivity, sustainability and ultimately profitability in a competitive and changing market is a challenge for any industry. This study is designed to identify new opportunities for AgriFuture’s supported industries, as well for the broader group of agricultural sectors. Seeking ways in which more value can be derived for producers, processers and end-users from across the value chain. Concepts are not limited in a linear fashion to new products, but will consider supplementary value from tangential directions, at all stages from farm onwards.

The best sources of initial knowledge on and around an industry are those directly in it. Colere will undertake a series of facilitated “Future-Scoping” workshops, to collect views from across the value chains of each industry.

Utilising a range of tried and tested models and processes, Colere move through a cycle of ideation, evaluation and consultation to short list concepts for each industry. With AgriFuture’s and industry input, we will narrow this concept list and produce a series of case studies utilising a range of technical experts to both add ideas and assess concepts.

Colere Group is an independent consulting company with extensive experience in value chain strategy and development. Our strengths lie in bring together technical and experienced players from across our network to collaborate and consult with industry. Because we have worked across almost all areas of the agricultural R&D landscape and throughout the domestic and global food value chains, we are able to envisage and evaluate innovative concepts. 


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