K2 guides and login

K2 is the AgriFutures Australia project management system which provides access to applications, research proposal assessments, project details and research management processes.

Login K2

Requesting access to K2

If you wish to create a K2 account, please use the link below.

  • New User Request Form: If your Research Organisation already exists in K2 please use the new user option.
  • New company/user: If your Research Organisation doesn’t exist in K2, please use the new company/user option.
  • Change of Administrative Contact: Please use the Change of Admin Contact option if you wish to change the Administrative Contact for your organisation. Please note, the Admin Contact is set at the organisation level and there can currently be only one Admin Contact per organisation.

Account Creation

For step-by-step instructions on how to create an account, please see the User Guide – Requesting access to K2.

If you wish to apply for the Rural Women’s Award, Rural Women’s Award Acceleration Grant or a Horizon Scholarship, please use the link below

RWA, Acceleration Grants and Horizon Scholarships apply here

Already have a login but have forgotten your password?

At login you can select the forgotten password link. Please ensure you enter your login email address into the User Name field and then select Forgot your Password? This will open a new screen for you to submit your email address to receive a link to reset your password.

Need to update your details?

You can do this by logging into K2, navigating to the settings tab and then selecting Update My Details.

The following resources and templates are for researchers and consultants to assist with navigating K2 at various stages of your project.

When using K2 please refer to these resources in the first instance, and if you require further assistance contact helpdesk@agrifutures.com.au