Community Perceptions and Worker Experiences Program: Worker Attraction and Retention Models


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The Community Perceptions and Worker Experiences Program aims to deliver key insights into community perceptions on working in agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries, and explore worker experiences and the impact they have on workforce attraction and retention.

This document has been developed to provide a step-by-step guide on using the Workforce Attraction and Retention Models. It walks the reader through questions to ask in preparing responses to community concerns and will assist industries in developing their own interventions in response to these concerns.

How to read a path model: The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the relationship (e.g. trust leads to, or drives, attraction in the Workforce Attraction Model). The width of the arrows denotes their importance or strength in predicting the measure they point at; thicker arrows represent stronger relationships. Dark coloured arrows represent positive relationships between measures (e.g. greater procedural fairness leads to higher retention in the Workforce Retention Model) and red arrows represent negative relationships between measures (e.g. greater concern about a negative work culture leads to lower levels of trust, hence, attraction).

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